4th – Heart Chakra

Represents: Unconditional Love, self-acceptance, compassion, forgiveness.

Element:  Air
Color:        Green (sometimes pink)
Sense:         Touch
Sound:        YAM
Location: In the heart center

Physical Associations: Heart, chest, lungs, circulation

Develops from age 21-28

Open and Balanced

Is capable of self-love and love toward others.

Able to forgive and forget.

Connects spiritually during lovemaking.

-Deficiency in Heart Chakra 

Fear of rejection.

Holds grudges.

Self-pitying and isolating in order to not be hurt.

+Excessive Energy in Heart Chakra

Loves others in order to receive love, manipulative Overly emotional and dramatic with affairs of the heart.

Demanding and possessive.

Physical symptoms of an unbalanced Heart Chakra 

the chest, hunching over, heart disease, lung problems, asthma, cancer.

Yoga Poses (Asanas)

To increase Heart Chakra energy: Sphinx Pose

From crossed legged seated position

  1. Lift your head and chest a few inches off the floor to make room for your forearms.
  2. Allow your forearms to be parallel, elbows under the shoulders. If this is too much on your lower back, move your elbows forward to lessen the arch.
  3. As you inhale, lift your chest up and forward, allowing your shoulders to relax down.
  4. As you exhale, feel your pubic bone melt into the floor, your lower body fully relaxed.
  5. Visualize or feel Anahata chakra filling with pure unconditional love.
  6. Breathe in this love on the inhales, and on the exhales, let go of any fear that you may have.
  7. Coming down: Inhale your chest a little higher up, then exhale down, moving elbows out to the sides.
  8. Bring palms tinder armpits and push up into all fours.

To decrease Heart energy: Child Pose

From all fours, hands and knees

  1. Slowly bring your buttocks down to your heels, forehead on the floor palms beside the feet facing up to receive energy. (if shoulders are tense, allow them the rest above your head)

  2. Adjust the posture if you are tense.
  3. If neck or head is uncomfortable, place palm on top of palm, or fist on fist and place your head on top.
  4. if knees are a problem, place a cushion between buttocks and heels.
  5. Make sure you are comfortable.

Inhale deep into the back body. Fill your lower back, mid back, and upper back with air. As you exhale, visualize yourself releasing all of the tension, fear, and expectations you have. Breathe in pure unconditional love.

Coming out: Contract your abdominal muscles, and slowly ragdoll up with a round spine,




I love and honour my spirit.

I unconditionally love and forgive those around me.

Heart Chakra Journal Questions:

Do you find it easy to “forgive and forget”? If not, explain.

Am I easily disappointed by others?

How well do I connect with other people?

How do I fulfill my emotional needs?

What does unconditional love mean to me?