The following is a quick and easy way to get started with your new Reiki practice. You should consider completing our Reiki Business Program for additional information if you choose to open your own business as it will help with all aspects of your new business, from business planning to marketing to finances to codes of ethics.

A massage table that is the right height for you is a good investment. It will save your back from the strain of bending over if you are using a sofa or chair. A portable table with a sponge over it and a sheet are adequate if it is sturdy and comfortable. Always keep a blanket or extra sheet close. Many people, when in a deep state of relaxation will feel cold, others like the comfort of feeling the weight of a blanket. It adds to their feelings of security. Soft lighting, candles or night lights will keep the glare of an overhead one from causing any discomfort to the client’s eyes. Soft music, New Age, meditative music, without words, is the best. If you have it, a continuous play cassette or CD player is excellent. Soft colours, plants, books, seashells, whatever you have on hand and come across will be adequate. It doesn’t need to be an expensive, elaborate room just comfortable and warm. Let your creativity come alive and work for you.

As Reiki practitioners, we do NOT diagnose (unless you are a physician), treat for a specific disease or condition, nor can we prescribe. Telling a client to drink glasses of water a day is prescribing. You can suggest that drinking plenty of water is a good idea, but you cannot tell them to do it.

Some practitioners will wear specific colours when doing treatments. I often will find myself wearing green when doing treatments, black for initiations and blue for teaching. Colour therapy is another whole topic, but it can be worthwhile to consider, especially when decorating your workspace. When giving treatments and attunements, wearing natural fabrics is best. As a practitioner, you will find that the Reiki energy is very warm, and if treating many clients or students in a row, you may perspire. Avoiding man-made fabrics may be best. For teaching space, I use whatever part of the home that is free from interruptions, and that is comfortable. I will often start in the kitchen or living room and then proceed to the workspace to practice the hand positions. Use whatever works for you best. If you are comfortable, then usually your clients will be pleased.