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Introduction to Aura

Aura means the unseen energy field surrounding all living things; their colours will give a sense of personality and environment, good or bad. Anything alive has an aura that provides insight into our emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Sometimes, it is impossible to see it with the naked eye, but we can usually feel it. Think about how a particular person gives a warm and friendly vibe, and then another does not provide a good vibe, or there is a sense of negative energy from that person.

According to spiritual beliefs, an aura, or energy field, is a colour continuation that encompasses an object. Considered a sub-level of the physical body, many psychics and holistic medicine practitioners can see the size, colour, and type of vibration of the Aura. This part of the hidden anatomy reflects the state of being and a client’s health. This invisible anatomy is the chakras (to be covered in another section). Alternative medicines believe this to be true, but there is no scientific evidence to support this.

What is Aura

Size and Shape of Auras

How to feel your own Aura

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As previously mentioned, the Aura consists of five simple bodies. We see the first layer with our eyes because it vibrates at such a lower vibrational rate. The other four bodies are seen with special equipment as they vibrate higher. Research has captured the subtle energy field using electromagnetic instruments. It was first noticed by a Russian scientist when he accidentally discovered that if an object on a photographic plate connects to a high voltage source, the slight corona discharge creates an image. The voltage does not change the parameters by more than 2% for average things that are not alive.


The Aura is a mix of colours in which each colour defines its nature and characteristics. These colours give us more information about the emotions, thoughts, and abilities of the vital energies of the person from which the auras are coming. Aura colours change in correlation to ideas and action. A major series of experiments done by scientists in St. Petersburg, Russia, demonstrates that the human body’s Aura continues to change for approximately 72 hours after clinical death. The Aura is typically perceived as an oval shape around the person and has a glossy finish. Each Aura is unique. Each colour in the Aura has a meaning that reflects the heart and intention of the person.

The colours of the Aura can give an idea of someone’s personality. The colours can also give us a sense of what is going on. If their energy is bright and shiny, people will be drawn to them and relate to Aura’s personality or mood. It also can be dark, muddy, and dim giving a sense of the person’s character or what they are going through emotionally. So, if people are attracted to a person who is outgoing, positive, or senses their light, they will gravitate to them to hang around their energy. Someone who has a cloud over them seems heavy, dark, and gloomy, and their light is dim, making others shy away from them.

The Aura is a protecting safeguard around the physical body but is closely tied or intertwined with the Chakras (Remember, we will study Chakras separately). Our Aura can change as we grow.

Attracting Energies

How to See the Aura

There are Aura Readers or Intuitive Healers who can see the Aura physically. Aura Readers can see the Aura through their third eye (covered in the section on Chakras) and can sense the Aura. They can clear the energy in the Aura if the Aura is unhealthy. An aura reader can tune in to the person’s energy and sense what is going on mentally, emotionally, and physically.

How to Protect your Aura