Introduction to Chakras

Chakras come from the Ancient Indian Language, Sanskrit, the dead language, or the original language. Sanskrit is the mother tongue of many Indo-European languages.

For 1000s of years, chakras have been studied in India and Tibet. They are part of Tantric Yoga, which attempts to achieve union with the Divine. The chakras link to the astral and physical dimensions through nadis, like the meridians of Chinese medicine. The nadis is the channel, the prana, the vital energies. Prana is a similar concept to the Ch’i used in Chinese medicine.

In Sanskrit, Chakra means energy wheel or spokes of a wheel. They spiral in a clockwise direction. There are seven chakras, seven unique colours that start at the base of the spine and end above the head. They’re also called energy centres. Subtle energies called Sukshma vibrations are the first three lower chakras, the root, the sacral and the solar plexus. These chakras represent a connection to the physical world. The next four chakras, heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakra represent the spiritual world. The heart chakra is a bridge between the physical and the spiritual; if the Chakras are clockwise and spinning correctly, the emotional and physical body is healthy. If the chakras are counterclockwise, the energy in those frequencies is running at a low frequency or blocked. It could be that an individual chakra is not functioning correctly, or several chakras are out of balance. The imbalance is possible because an emotional issue or a physical issue is creating an imbalance or blockage of the energy frequency of the Chakra.

The Purpose of Chakras

Chakras are a portal of energy. They hold emotional issues, past or present, that can manifest health issues or eventually cause disease. The spectrum varies from complex to straightforward, depending on the individual’s makeup.

Keeping chakras cleared, cleansed, balanced, and aligned is essential. It is one of the fundamental functions supporting inner and outer healing for the mind and body. Chakras help align the connection to intuition abilities, higher self and the spiritual connection to the personal spiritual beliefs and link to the earthly realm.

The main chakras are responsible for keeping energy flow balanced in the body. The chakras are linked together through a central energy channel that is approximately parallel to the spine. It goes through the body from the top of the head ending in the base of the spine. It connects to the spinal column, the spinal fluid flow, and the nerves travelling through the spine.

Benefits of Chakra Healing

Every Chakra Healing experience is a shift, an aspect of that person’s self. Once integrated, they will allow the subsequent surface imbalance to heal the being. As we clear the old, we awaken the newness and possibility and emerge with personal growth.

Basic Understanding of Chakras

Emotions are experienced and stored by the total body through energy centres or chakras and are related to nerve and endocrine centres in the physical body. They are considered a transformer of the universe, life energy. Each Chakra is a transformer that steps down or reduces the power to a vibrational level that suits its function. These centres’ energy flow can be blocked or constricted by chronic pain, anxiety, fears, traumatic memories, attitudes, or mindsets.

Each of the seven Chakra rotates clockwise. When they spin in perfect frequency, the body’s health and emotions are balanced and centred. With this, we experience a sense of peace and clarity. If the Chakras are out of balance, it brings a sense of uncertainty anxiety. The three lower chakras serve the emotional and the physical needs, while the four upper chakras are spiritually associated.

Seven Chakras Basic Meaning

The first Chakra, the Root Chakra, is at the base of the spine and is red. It represents home, family, fear, flight, survival instincts, and a connection to the earth or the physical realm.

The second Chakra, the Sacral Chakra, is orange and connects to the ovaries and the testes. It represents bringing pleasure into your life. It’s where the sexual energy is stored and where our art and creativity energies lie, just below the belly button.

The third Chakra, the Solar Plexus, is yellow (some call it the yellow jewel) and located in the abdomen. It’s how we express or suppress our emotions, give up our power to others, or stay in control.

The fourth Chakra, the Heart Chakra, is green and located in the heart area. It’s connected to the thymus gland. It represents love and compassion, having empathy for ourselves, or having empathy for others. It’s the bridge between the physical and the spirit world.

The fifth Chakra, the Throat Chakra, is blue and is in the throat area connected to the thyroid gland. It represents speaking our truth, expressing our words, and there is no fear of holding back our communication with others. It’s also our communication Guides and angels.

The sixth Chakra, the Third Eye, is indigo, located in the pituitary gland (between the eyebrows). It represents your spiritual senses beyond your physical purposes and is where your intuition or psychic ability is stored.

The seventh Chakra, the Crown Chakra, is violet, white, gold, or a rainbow of colours above the head (pineal gland) and is connected to religious faith or Spirituality. There’s more beyond the physical world, including God, Creator, Source, or something existing beyond the physical world.

Advanced chakras courses will go into a more in-depth understanding of the anatomy of the chakras, emotional understanding of the chakras, and tools used for healing and understanding.

Seven Week Chakra Course

This seven-week course will benefit your personal and spiritual growth, giving you a greater understanding of yourself. You will have more significant experiences of the things you might be aware of or not aware of to release, emotionally or physically.

This course will teach us how to work with your chakras through guided meditation self-journaling and prepare you for other intuition courses. We will study other teachings and tools to work with chakras in a more advanced study on your intuition journey.