Choosing a Pendulum

Choose a pendulum that is right for you and that resonates with you. Ensure it feels comfortable in your hand. Ideally, the pendulum should weigh approximately three ounces and be rounded in shape, preferably moving to a point at the bottom. When you start looking for a pendulum, you’ll be amazed at the variety of items used this way.

Some pendulums have a crystal attached to a chain, with some having LED crystals. Many people are drawn to quartz crystals because of their natural energy. A crystal pendant pendulum you can wear makes a good choice as you have it available for use anytime. Crystal pendulums are particularly good for healing work. Some commercially made pendulums have a hollow compartment inside called “sample pendulums”, The idea is to place a small sample of whatever you are searching for inside the container before starting to dowse. When searching for water, you can insert a few drops of water into a compartment or essential oil if looking for oil and gold when searching for gold. The (Mermet Pendulum) has one of those compartments. The Hollow chamber is not crucial but can be helpful at any time.

Almost anything will serve as a pendulum, but it’s a good idea to have a unique instrument that you use only for spiritual dowsing work. You can use your car keys or anything suspended from a chain or a thread. I prefer my unique pendulums because they are familiar, comfortable, and easy to use. When choosing a pendulum, hold it and ask if this pendulum is in harmony with you. If I receive a positive response, I will buy it. So it would be best to learn to set up your yes and no signals so you can start communicating with your pendulum.