How to Work with your Pendulum?

Start working with your pendulum on your own unless you have a friend with similar aims and interests. You will find the presence of other people distracting when you first start. You will progress more quickly when you practice on your own. There will be plenty of time to demonstrate your new skill to others when you have used your pendulum for a few weeks and become comfortable with it.

Most people prefer to use their pendulum with the hand with which they write. You can practice with both hands but first, start with your right hand if you are right-handed or use your left if you are left-handed. Use your dominant hand if you are sitting down to use the pendulum. In the beginning, you can rest your elbow on the table and hold the thread or chain of your pinion between your thumb and your first finger using the least amount of pressure possible.

It might take some time before the pendulum moves. Be patient. It'll probably move only slightly at first, but if you keep thinking yes, it will start moving more and more intensely.

Now you're ready to ask pendulum any questions to which you know the answers and a possible response. Start by asking questions you to which already know the answer. Ask, Am I male? If your opinion should say yes, obviously, the answer would be no if you are female.

You can ask similar questions about your age, marital status, number of children, etc. Asking these types of questions is to get you used to the pendulum's movements and demonstrate the vitality of the answers it provides.

You will find it makes no difference if you think about the question inside your head or ask them out loud. When I'm with a client, I ask the question out loud because I want them to know what's happening.

The pendulum will answer the question by tapping into your spiritual mind (subconscious) for the answer and then bring it back to your (conscious mind) or physical sense. Your spiritual mind knows a reasonable amount, but your powerful sub-spiritual or subconscious mind contains much more information. It is comparable to thinking of your mind like an iceberg. The conscious mind is the small part above water, and your subconscious is the more significant portion hidden from you. Be careful with your questions initially because it's possible to override the pendulum's movement. For example, if you're asking about the sex of an unborn baby and you secretly hope it will be a girl, your opinion will reflect your innermost desire until the baby is a girl, even if that's not the case.

Once the Pendulum has confirmed the question you asked and you know the answer is correct, then you know your Pendulum is set.