First Dimension

The first dimension, earth planes, are one of many dimensions in our universe. It’s a low frequency where the Earth energies are one with matters, space, and time.

Second Dimension

The second dimension, the astral plane, crosses into the spirit world. The soul first enters this plane when we pass away. It is described as earth-like scenery with human inhabitants, with feelings of peace and coming home. Souls feel complete. Psychic abilities originate from this dimension.

Third Dimension

The third dimension is casual plane. The Ashkan records are here. This dimension is where our guides and angels can access our past, present, and future, or soul charts. These charts are accessible at any time.

Fourth Dimension

The fourth dimension, the mental plane, is where the Ascended Masters reside. Christ, Buddha, and other masters are those who teach ethics and morality, philosophy, and science.

Fifth Dimension

The fifth dimension, the ethics plane, rules primitive thoughts, and the subconscious or the higher self; it is associated with truth and inner beauty.

Sixth Dimension

The sixth dimension is the Soul Plane, where we choose our future or move into the next dimension. It’s where our souls choose what we want to do next. This higher dimension is the internal now (in your soul being). or the god plane with no time or space. It is the spirit energy, and our thoughts and actions are the light and the pure energy frequency we encompass.

Higher Dimensions

These dimensions, or spiritual planes, help us tap into the spiritual world and frequencies. It is a medium connecting to Ascended Masters, guides and angels, or a connection to our soul or spiritual plane. There are multiple planes beyond our comprehension that we can reach through meditation, so learning and tapping into our intuitive abilities help us tap into those frequencies.