Introduction to Pendulum

A pendulum is more than the weight at the end of a string or a chain. It is a divination tool that has been used for 1000s of years, helping to communicate with the realms of the unknown or spiritual world.

The pendulum enables you to make choices, locate lost objects, explore past lives, find a new job, make decisions, set goals and more. Whether a beginner or an advanced practitioner, you can use your pendulum in your personal or work life.


A pendulum is a simple device consisting of a weight attached to a chain, a string, or a thread. The Pendulum reads energetic patterns, and it can extract information from your spiritual mind. Consequently, it gives excellent insight into the physical and spiritual world.

The Pendulum is deceptively simple. With just a few minutes of practice, anyone can use it. This knowledge can be transferred from the subconscious to the conscious mind quickly and effortlessly, depending on the information. It can work in other ways, as we can use a pendulum to implant knowledge into the spiritual mind deliberately. The potential for the Pendulum is almost limitless.

Like anything else that is worthwhile and valuable, the use of pendulums takes practice to become an expert. People who play with the Pendulum with vague or incorrect answers become delusional. I became frustrated when I first started learning how to work with the Pendulum, and I became disillusioned by it. But over time, with practice, connecting and building a relationship with my Pendulum, and learning to keep my ego neutral with my Pendulum, it became easier. I’ve grown to use it as part of my spiritual toolbox in my personal and professional career. I use a Pendulum to clear my aura, connect with my guides, the spiritual world, and to become neutral when asking questions for myself. Leave your ego out.

Historical Insight of The Pendulum

Ammianus Marcellinus (c. 325-39 C.E.) was the first in history (during the Roman Empire) to describe the pendulum in detail. He told a story of a group of people arrested for plotting to assassinate the emperor. One of the conspirators, in his confession, spoke of a priest holding a ring held by a thread over a circular platter containing the letters of the alphabet. Around the rim, The Ring moved to indicate the letters T, H, E, and O. This told conspirators that the next emperor would be called Theodorus.


The pendulum has been proven helpful in times of war. The Germans used it following movements of the British warships during the Second World War. There are many accounts of soldiers in Vietnam using the pendulum to help locate mines and underground tunnels. They used identical techniques that the primitive shaman used 1000s of years ago. There is no limit to what the pendulum does.

Choosing a Pendulum

Choose a pendulum that is right for you and that resonates with you. Ensure it feels comfortable in your hand. Ideally, the pendulum should weigh approximately three ounces and be rounded in shape, preferably moving to a point at the bottom. When you start looking for a pendulum, you’ll be amazed at the variety of items used this way.

Some pendulums have a crystal attached to a chain, with some having LED crystals. Many people are drawn to quartz crystals because of their natural energy. A crystal pendant pendulum you can wear makes a good choice as you have it available for use anytime. Crystal pendulums are particularly good for healing work. Some commercially made pendulums have a hollow compartment inside called “sample pendulums”, The idea is to place a small sample of whatever you are searching for inside the container before starting to dowse. When searching for water, you can insert a few drops of water into a compartment or essential oil if looking for oil and gold when searching for gold. The (Mermet Pendulum) has one of those compartments. The Hollow chamber is not crucial but can be helpful at any time.

Almost anything will serve as a pendulum, but it’s a good idea to have a unique instrument that you use only for spiritual dowsing work. You can use your car keys or anything suspended from a chain or a thread. I prefer my unique pendulums because they are familiar, comfortable, and easy to use. When choosing a pendulum, hold it and ask if this pendulum is in harmony with you. If I receive a positive response, I will buy it. So it would be best to learn to set up your yes and no signals so you can start communicating with your pendulum.

How to Work with your Pendulum?

Start working with your pendulum on your own unless you have a friend with similar aims and interests. You will find the presence of other people distracting when you first start. You will progress more quickly when you practice on your own. There will be plenty of time to demonstrate your new skill to others when you have used your pendulum for a few weeks and become comfortable with it.

Most people prefer to use their pendulum with the hand with which they write. You can practice with both hands but first, start with your right hand if you are right-handed or use your left if you are left-handed. Use your dominant hand if you are sitting down to use the pendulum. In the beginning, you can rest your elbow on the table and hold the thread or chain of your pinion between your thumb and your first finger using the least amount of pressure possible.

It might take some time before the pendulum moves. Be patient. It’ll probably move only slightly at first, but if you keep thinking yes, it will start moving more and more intensely.

Now you’re ready to ask pendulum any questions to which you know the answers and a possible response. Start by asking questions you to which already know the answer. Ask, Am I male? If your opinion should say yes, obviously, the answer would be no if you are female.

You can ask similar questions about your age, marital status, number of children, etc. Asking these types of questions is to get you used to the pendulum’s movements and demonstrate the vitality of the answers it provides.

You will find it makes no difference if you think about the question inside your head or ask them out loud. When I’m with a client, I ask the question out loud because I want them to know what’s happening.

The pendulum will answer the question by tapping into your spiritual mind (subconscious) for the answer and then bring it back to your (conscious mind) or physical sense. Your spiritual mind knows a reasonable amount, but your powerful sub-spiritual or subconscious mind contains much more information. It is comparable to thinking of your mind like an iceberg. The conscious mind is the small part above water, and your subconscious is the more significant portion hidden from you. Be careful with your questions initially because it’s possible to override the pendulum’s movement. For example, if you’re asking about the sex of an unborn baby and you secretly hope it will be a girl, your opinion will reflect your innermost desire until the baby is a girl, even if that’s not the case.

Once the Pendulum has confirmed the question you asked and you know the answer is correct, then you know your Pendulum is set.

When Should I Use My Pendulum?

Many people use a pendulum a great deal when they first become interested in the subject. Then they use them less and less until they consult only on essential matters that are going on in their lives. Others consult them all the time, and it makes no difference. How often do you use your pendulum? It is a tool to be used. And it would be best if you used it whenever it feels right for you. I prefer to use my pendulum only when I feel the need. Consequently, you can use your pendulum whenever you wish.

Mastering the Pendulum

Use the pendulum for good. Do not let others use your pendulum. Your pendulum becomes in tune with you, and you do not want other people’s energy interfering with this. I have a selection of pendulums that I let other people use, but I have several that I do not allow anyone to use.

Keep your pendulum in a pouch or bag when you’re not using it and keep it close to you. Doing this protects it and keeps it away from potentially harmful energies. If you do this, you’ll see progress quickly and smoothly; you will find that using the pendulum will make you more sensitive and intuitive in every area of your life. As it occurs, your skills with the pendulum will multiply. A pendulum is a tool that can help you immensely.

Use it wisely. Enjoy the benefits it can provide. Have someone else to work with if you are emotionally too involved in the outcome. Use the pendulum for exemplary purposes only. Do not let others use the pendulum. You’re planning on becoming in tune with yourself and do not want other people’s energy interfering with this. Enjoy the benefits it can provide.