A pendulum is a simple device consisting of a weight attached to a chain, a string, or a thread. The Pendulum reads energetic patterns, and it can extract information from your spiritual mind. Consequently, it gives excellent insight into the physical and spiritual world.

The Pendulum is deceptively simple. With just a few minutes of practice, anyone can use it. This knowledge can be transferred from the subconscious to the conscious mind quickly and effortlessly, depending on the information. It can work in other ways, as we can use a pendulum to implant knowledge into the spiritual mind deliberately. The potential for the Pendulum is almost limitless.

Like anything else that is worthwhile and valuable, the use of pendulums takes practice to become an expert. People who play with the Pendulum with vague or incorrect answers become delusional. I became frustrated when I first started learning how to work with the Pendulum, and I became disillusioned by it. But over time, with practice, connecting and building a relationship with my Pendulum, and learning to keep my ego neutral with my Pendulum, it became easier. I've grown to use it as part of my spiritual toolbox in my personal and professional career. I use a Pendulum to clear my aura, connect with my guides, the spiritual world, and to become neutral when asking questions for myself. Leave your ego out.

Historical Insight of The Pendulum

Ammianus Marcellinus (c. 325-39 C.E.) was the first in history (during the Roman Empire) to describe the pendulum in detail. He told a story of a group of people arrested for plotting to assassinate the emperor. One of the conspirators, in his confession, spoke of a priest holding a ring held by a thread over a circular platter containing the letters of the alphabet. Around the rim, The Ring moved to indicate the letters T, H, E, and O. This told conspirators that the next emperor would be called Theodorus.


The pendulum has been proven helpful in times of war. The Germans used it following movements of the British warships during the Second World War. There are many accounts of soldiers in Vietnam using the pendulum to help locate mines and underground tunnels. They used identical techniques that the primitive shaman used 1000s of years ago. There is no limit to what the pendulum does.