Beyond our physical senses are the spiritual senses. Our physical senses are now more dominant. However, in the time when the indigenous lived off the land we were driven by our spiritual senses. We were connected to the Earth, Nature and each other. 

This was not only a way of life but a requirement for survival. These senses were heightened in order to sense danger or changes in the environment and weather. 

That connection became dormant when we moved from nature into houses, towns and cities. It is possible to gain back these senses with awareness and practice. 

Clair is a word describing types of clear sensitivity corresponding to our physical and intuitive senses. Clair begins words that name our intuitive abilities. 

Clairvoyance – Intuitive Vision:

The ability or gift of being able to see symbols or images through your spiritual mind’s eye. May also include seeing aura or energy fields surrounding physical bodies.

Clairaudience – Intuitive Audio or Hearing:

It is the ability or gift of being able to hear voices or other sounds. May also include hearing a song, words or a string of sentences.

Clairsentience – Intuitive Knowing by Feeling:

It is the ability or gift of acquiring knowledge by feeling. It is the most common gift and is a sense of knowing or a gut feeling. With this feeling, there is also a clear understanding. This ability differs from Clairvoyance in that the knowledge comes from inside the body.

Claircognizance – Sense of Knowing (you just know the information…it’s just there):

It is the ability or gift of a person having psychic knowledge without any explanation or reason. This also includes precognition or retro cognition – knowledge of the future or the past. There really are no restrictions on what can be known in intuitive knowledge.

Clairgustance – Intuitive Taste/Smell:

Is the ability or gift of a person having a psychic taste for something without physically putting it into your mouth. Wouldn’t this be the perfect diet plan? This can also include the ability of having a psychic smell for something.

CLAIRTANGENCY – Intuitive Touch:

The ability or gift of a person having a psychic feeling for when touching an object. This could include jewelry, clothing or even a motor vehicle.

We all have our five physical senses. Sight, sound, feeling, smell and touch. All of these senses connect us to the physical world around us. They give us an understanding of the world we live in. Our conscious mind is a part of the physical world as well as the physical body. We can tap into the subconscious spiritual mind to discover the spiritual senses.

Children are more sensitive to their spiritual senses. As they grow, they become influenced by their physical environment through their social setting or parents who may not understand the natural ability of the spiritual senses that we all have. Without nurturing these senses, some will shut down or forget their abilities, while others will allow them to grow.


Learning Spiritual senses and using a psychic dictionary

Psychic Psychometry (Clairtangency)

The word ‘psychometry’ literally means ‘measuring the soul’, and was coined by Joseph Rodes Buchanan in 1842. It’s based on the theory that everyone leaves a vibration or resonance on objects they handle. The process happens in a very short time. The longer the person is in possession of the object the more information will be available to the person tuning into the object.

Read an Object’s Energy Field

Hold the object lightly in your hands and direct your thoughts. Allow yourself to connect to the energy. Relax and let impressions to float into your mind. The object and you are connecting into the energy. Tell the person exactly what you are receiving from the object. Could be physical sensations of hot or cold, images or emotions, be open to whatever is presented.