1st – Root Chakra


Element:  Earth
Color:          Red
Sense:         Taste
Sound:        LAM
Location:    At the base of the spine on the perineum (between the anus and genitals)

Physical Associations: Bones, skeletal system. Develops from age 1-8.

Open and Balanced

Can nurture the self, is secure in life both emotionally and financially. Can adapt to change well, is flexible

Has high physical energy

-Deficiency in Root Chakra Vulnerability, neediness.

Insecure in the self, inflexible in life. Unable to handle money.

+Excessive Energy in Root Chakra


Blames others and can’t take responsibility for own actions. Obsessed with financial gain.

Physical symptoms of an unbalanced Root Chakra Inflexibility or pain in lower back, knees and hips. Depression. Anxiety.

Yoga Poses (Asanas)